About Oleksandr Tarasenko

Oleksandr Tarasenko photo - AEM, Node.js, Bot developer

Hi there!

I’m a software consultant and I help entrepreneurs to solve problems and build modern applications. Brain, Adobe AEM and JavaScript are my main tools I am specialized in. And to be honest, during configuring this blog, I’ve learned some PHP as well.

It happened to me that I entered IT as AEM developer. That was not my choice and I was not aware of how hard this system is. As a result, I’ve gone through several stages, from not understanding to hating it. Later, my attitude switched to liking it but, again, not understanding. That is why time to time I visit StackOverflow and search for the questions I do not know, investigate them and answer.

I was lucky to work on different projects and with different people. I grew up from a junior developer to a tech&team lead. I had really nice mentors at my past.

At some point, I came across Node.js which looked quite weird for me. Server-side JavaScript? – huh, no. But I came back to it because it gave me an ability to quickly develop and deliver small solutions, where corporate-oriented Java wasn’t a choice. And now I am exploring the world of Bot development.

Want to contact me? I’d love to hear from you as well – https://www.linkedin.com/in/oleksandrtarasenko/.