aem-Simplify unit testing with aemcontextcallback

AEM: Simplify unit testing with AemContextCallback

For testing (you do this, right?) your AEM project, most probably, you use AEM Mocks from This is a powerful library, which makes your life easier when it comes to testing Sling Models, Servlets, other classes which work with Page and other entities from AEM. How to use AemContextCallback Interface AemContextCallback allows us to define some default […]

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Aem Sling Service User Mapper Header image

AEM: Service User (Mapper) – do you really know it?

Starting from AEM 6 developers are encouraged to create special service users for their bundles/services instead of using administrative sessions. Adobe has documentation on this topic here. However, there are some features which are either not widely used, either – not well documented. So, let’s uncover them! Report on configured Service Users in AEM Since Service […]

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